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Not all leads are created equal, you know that. You want more high value leads and they want a great user experience from you! Analytics Amplifier closes the gap between Google Analytics and HubSpot to provide a better view of your customer and analyze rich contact data in one place, Google Analytics.

With Analytics Amplifier, when a lead is generated, the HubSpot record is linked to the Google record. As that lead progresses through your sales pipeline, selected events are passed back to Google Analytics and, through your Google Analytics dashboard, you can start to optimise your website and your campaigns according to business value rather than just lead volume.

We are experts at human-centred digital strategy, design and development. We strive to collaborate with other humans to make the world run a little smoother, one step at a time!

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Engaging.io are putting in the work to turn your hardships into smooth sailing. We understand that life is busy so you don’t want to waste your precious time on mundane activities. Through the technology we develop, we take the unnecessary complexities out of your routine, making the ordinary extraordinary, just like you! You should also check out our other product, XSync!

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