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Why use Analytics Amplifier?

Match customer behaviours such as ‘hot leads’ and ‘deal amount’ with realtime analytics data

Drive profitability

Focus in on those keywords, landing pages and campaigns that deliver the highest business value, not just lead volume.

Enhance business intelligence

View critical events/actions such as lifecycle stage, persona and deal amount in realtime.

Report and measure users interaction

Analyse contact and deal data in Google Analytics and generate rich reports of how your contacts interact with your business.

Advanced audience targeting

Using the insights Analytics Amplifier events are pushed through from HubSpot to Google Analytics, you can start to market to people who ‘look like’ your high value potential customers.

What HubSpot field properties can be pushed into Google Analytics?

Essential HubSpot properties to drive better business outcomes

Lifecycle stage

Connect HubSpot's default lifecycle stages, such as Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) or Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Or use your own custom lifecycle stage property.

Deals won

Understand what content or campaigns were successful in securing your large deals and go after more like them!


If you use HubSpot Personas you will be able to analyse which personas are most effective for you

Lead score*

We care most about our 'Warm' and 'Hot' leads, now you can focus on what works for them, plus use look-a-like audiences to find more of them. *Only available with HubSpot Marketing Pro or Enterprise.

Enhance business intelligence, conversion paths and drive profitability